Friday, September 24, 2010

President Obama's speech to Cisabled Veterans

 President Obama’s speech to Disabled Veterans, Aug. 2nd 2010.

President Barack Obama did the right thing: he encouraged veterans with mental health conditions to seek treatment.

Tuft Love 4 Obama starts here.
PTSD is still got getting better at VA Hospitals Sept 10,2010. PBS News hour show

President Obama says to Veterans, “Veterans deserve Americans respect...”

The FACT is over 18 Veterans are committing suicide per day, and 6 of them commit suicide each day while under VA Hospital care!”

President Obama says he gives Veterans his “Sacred Trust.”  Sacred Trust, is that what returning warriors get when they start looking for a job and find the jobs have been taken by illegal’s?
Is Sacred Trust when President Obama claims that only Military doctors and NOT civilian doctors can declare a Veteran suffers from PTSD?  Let’s see now, we have how many Veterans that might be suffering from PTSD?  One million?  And how many qualified military doctors that will only spend their time examining, concealing and fellow up concealing with PTSD applicants?  1,000? 

Sacred Trust, does that mean only PTSD can happen because of the war/concussions and not because of the sadness suffered due to lying politicians for which a warrior was willing to die for?  Oh, Oh, what was that again? Oh ya, Weapons of Mass DestructionThinking to much about that planed political lie could make a warrior take a big drink, pills and or his life? 

From a sad Veteran: